Michinoku Coastal Trail trekking

From: ¥2,300 (including tax)

The longest hiking trail in all Japan. The trail in Aomori Prefecture is about 50km from the north entrance to Hashikami Town. You can enjoy varied scenery as you progress along the trail, and the nature that you can feel with your five senses, such as the reef area on the coast, the sandy beach of “Nakisuna”(singing sand), and the pine forest.

Tour includes drinks and snacks. We will have fun trekking including local things, culture, history and food.

Pricfrom 2,300 yen for 1 hour *1000 JPY for one hour increase.
Start time9:00-15:00
Duration1 to 6 hours
Minimum number of participants4 people

* 1 hour for 2 participants only 1 group for 8000 yen. Please contact us separately.