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DistributorAC Promote Co., Ltd.
Operation managerNaoko Machida
Address14-124 Tanakubo Samemachi Hachinohe city, Aomori 031-0841
TEL/FAXTEL: 0178-38-8420
FAX: 0178-38-8410
PaymentBank transfer, PayPal, Credit card
Expenses other than the product priceIn the case of bank transfer, the transfer fee will be borne by the customer
Application expiration datePlease deposit within 5 days. If there is no deposit for 5 days, it will be canceled.

Terms and Conditions for Domestic Agent-Organized Tour of AC Promote Co., Ltd.

We have prepared a text that explains detailed travel conditions, so please stop if you need it.

[Application for Travel Contracts]
1) The client shall provide information on the application form prescribed by the company and submit the form together with the necessary reservation deposit. The deposit shall be appropriated to the tour fare, cancellation charges or penalties.
2) If a client makes a reservation by telephone or other means of communication, the client shall submit the application form and the reservation deposit to AC Promote within 3days counting from the day after the reservation was made.
3) The reservation deposit (per person): if the tour fare is less than 30,000yen, shall be the full amount of the fare. If the tour fare is 30,000yen or more, shall be 20% or more (or the full amount) of the fare.
4) The client under 18years of age traveling alone during the tour period shall provide AC Promote with the written consent of his/her parents or guardian.

[Privacy Policy]
AC Promote shall use the personal information provided in the tour application forms only for communicating with the client and for arranging transportation and accommodations to provide the services requested by the client.

[Services Included in the Tour Fare]
The tour service included in the tour fare shall be only those as specified in the Final Tour Itinerary. (e.g.: transportation expenses, guide charges, consumption taxes, and expenses related to experience-based tour.)

[Cancellation Rates]
If a client cancels the Travel Contract for personal reasons, the following cancelation rates will apply to the tour fare. The client is at all times entitled to cancel the Travel Contract, but must pay AC Promote a cancelation charge as stipulated below. AC Promote shall accept the notice of cancelation only within its business hours.

More than 11days prior to the starting date of the tour: No charge.7 to 10 days (in case one day trip, up to 10 days): 20% of tour fare2 to 6 days prior to the starting date of the tour: 30% of tour fare1 day prior to the starting date of the tour: 40% of tour fareThe day of the tour prior to the starting time: 50% of tour fareAfter the starting time of departure, or incase of failure to show without notice: 100% of tour fare

[Travel Guarantee]
If major changes occur in Travel Contract contents AC Promote shall calculate the change compensation money by the rate specified in attached table and refund to the client.