2024 Winter Tanesashi Gourmet Tour Tanesashi Brunch with Tankaku Beef in Umi Cafe Tanesashi

From: ¥6,800 (including tax)

Last year’s popular project is back again this year.
A brunch made with lean, low-fat Shorthorn beef that contains a lot of amino acids, which are the source of umami.
Sasaki Farm’s Tankaku beef, which is raised on feed 100% produced in northern Tohoku, is characterized by its firm meat quality with a wild flavor and strong flavor.
We will provide you with a delicious time while looking at the natural grassy area of Tanesashi Coast in winter and warming yourself by a bonfire.
Enjoy a luxurious holiday brunch while being surrounded by the winter scenery of Tanesashi Coast.

date and timeFebruary 3rd (Sat), 4th (Sun), 10th (Sat), 11th (Sun), 12th (holiday), 17th (Sat), 18th (Sun), 23rd, 2020 (Fri), 24th (Sat), 25th (Sun)
Fee6,800 yen per person (tax included)
(Includes brunch fee, JR round trip fare, bonfire/grilled potato fee)
※Meal only: 6,400 yen (tax included)
(If you pay in advance (pay by card), we will refund 400 yen on the spot on the day.)
Capacity5 people each day, reservation required
The meeting place9:20 Honhachinohe Station *Staff will be waiting for you near the station ticket gate exit
If you are meeting on-site, please arrive at the tour desk in the Tanesashi Coast Information Center at 10:40.
mealFish carpaccio from Tanesashi fishing port, 3 appetizers (roast beef/tartar/marinated), meringue sukiyaki, charcoal grilled steak, rice ball garlic rice, dessert, glass of red wine (or apple juice)
Tour details9:20 Meet at Honhachinohe Station → 9:37 Depart from JR Hachinohe Line Honhachinohe Station → 10:01 Arrive at Tanesashi Kaigan Station → Stroll around the natural grass → 11:00 Tankaku beef brunch at Umi Cafe Tanesashi → 13:00 Relaxation time → 14:12 Dismissal/Departure from Tanesashi Kaigan Station → Arrive at Hachinohe Station at 14:36
※For meals only, meet in front of Umi Cafe Tanesashi at 10:40

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